Rigs and Accessories

Don't settle for an "off-the-shelf" rig, let us custom build yours specific to your needs!  From folding garage rigs to commercial outfitting, we can customize a build for all locations from the floor up.  Our rigs are built from the strongest 2" x 3" steel tubing uprights and come in a variety of lengths and configurations.  It's simple to build your own in just 4 easy steps:

  1. Choose Uprights (x2)
  2. Choose Crossmember Style (x2)
  3. Choose Pull-Up Bar Style (x1)
  4. Choose Add-Ons


Measuring 2" x 3" x 82" (90", 108", 144" options available) with a 7" x 5" foot panel, this post is perfect for garage gyms, studios and even commercial applications.  Choose your uprights based on your ceiling space available.  If pull-ups or muscle-ups are planned, ensure you allow enough room for the apex.

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Cross Members

CrossBox crossmembers can be used on most rigs and workstation configurations. These crossmembers provide a low-cost way to create additional work stations, allow you to serve more athletes, and will definitely enhance a rigs overall stability. With so many choices and variables, CrossBox crossmembers can be used to design and build an efficient training space to the end users specific expectations. All CrossBox crossmembers are designed and manufactured in Canada and include all mounting hardware.  Choose your crossmember to allow maximum usage and stability.


 CrossBox X-bar, 43" Fat/Skinny - 1.25" & 1.5"CrossBox X-Bar, 2" x 3" x 43"


Pull-Up Bars

The CrossBox Pull-Up Bars are ideal bar for muscle-ups and simple gymnastic workouts. The Bare Bar is just as described, bare with no knurlings, no coating, just natural steel to enhance your grip strength.  The XBar Pull Up Bar is powder-coated steel.  Both bars can be mounted across the front of any CrossBox rig or Wall mounted rack. Alternatively, you can run both down the center section of most rig set ups. Mounting hardware is included.


 CrossBox Single Bar, 43" x 8" - 1.5"CrossBox Single Bare Bar, 43" x 6" - 1.25"Cbxb43dos125 grandeCrossBox Multi Grip Yellow, 43"



Choose your add-ons to complete your rig!  From dip attachments to wall-ball targets, we offer add-on accessories spanning the whole fitness spectrum.  We also offer a multitude of storage possibilities for space-saving and efficiency.