WOD Welder Hand Care Kit For Athletes

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Brand: w.o.d welder


  • BUY THE KIT AND SAVE 15% - Get everything you need to prevent and treat ripped, rough and dry hands. Our complete handcare system contains the WOD Welder hand care line. The solid salve protects your palm and heals your rips. The handcream lotion hydrates dry, cracked hands common among lifters, rock climbers, and gymnasts. Our volcanic pumice stone smooths calluses down while maintaining a protective layer. Buying our kit SAVE YOU 15% compared to buying it separately, it's a no-brainer!
  • ALL NATURAL SKIN CARE - We use natural active ingredients to hydrate your hands better than any water based lotion on the market. Nothing even comes close and our customers certainly agree that WOD Welder is the best. Callus shavers and scrapers can be difficult to use and remove too much, leaving you prone to injury. Water based lotions don't provide lasting hydration and can feel greasy and slippery while gripping the bar. Try us and you'll know why WODWelder is the most highly recommended.
  • HEAL RIPT & TORN HANDS OVERNIGHT! - Don't let hand rips and tears keep you away from your workout. Our Solid Salve Balm gets working immediately on the ugliest hand wounds and get your back on the bar faster. Don't let your athletic performance suffer due to injury. Our kits will become a necessary tool for your equipment bag.
  • SO MANY USES - Our salve works amazing on chapped lips, burns, cuts and scrapes. Perfect for weightlifting, gymnastics, boxing, and many other forms of exercise training for the athlete in your life. Can be used for dry and calloused feet as well!
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT -- Buy one for yourself and one for your friend, workout partner or spouse and save! Check out our promotions below to take advantage of the discounts we provide for larger quantities! Be the hero of your gym or box by showing everyone the WOD Welder hand care kit and all of its amazing benefits.


Heavy lifting have your hands dry, cracked and callused?
The WOD Welder Hand Care Kit contains everything you need to protect your hands from ripping during your workout or work. Great for anyone that does heavy lifting.

SIMPLE 3 step system to prevent those painful torn calluses-

1) SMOOTH WITH PUMICE STONE- Use on damp skin after washing and rinsing. Rub calluses and areas with dry, cracked skin in one direction then rinse. Continue daily until your calluses are smooth and low. Exfoliate dry skin and apply hand care cream generously to problem areas.

2) APPLY SOLID SALVE- After smoothing with stone, apply salve to sore , dry and callused areas. Works best when used after working out. If you work out in the morning, apply again at night. If you work out in the evening, apply in the morning. keeps hands hydrated to prevent cracking and ripping. Salve contains ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS including : olive oil, beeswax, aloe butter. shea butter, lanolin, and peppermint & eucalyptus essential oils

3) WOD Welder Hand Cream- Apply generously to problem areas and rub until dry. Use twice daily along with solid salve. Contains Lanolin, allantoin, beeswax, peppermint & eucalyptus essential oils.
Allantoin- Regenerates cells that protect the skin, seals in moisture and helps with wound healing and tissue regeneration.
Lanolin- a natural wax that holds moisture to the skin while still allowing it to breath

Comes with our 30-Day money back guarantee and LIFETIME product warranty. Click "Add to Cart" and get yours now!