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Max support wrist wraps by 2POOD. 18" beefs up your wrists to provide the support that you need on Oly and Power lifts like snatch, C&J and all presses. Protect your precious joints and don't let your wrists be a limiting factor in going heavy! Note that these do limit your range of motion to a degree by design and are best saved for days where the prescribed workout is heavy.

These lifting wrist wraps are hardcore, no exaggeration. Newbies probably need to go for something different like those colorful cloth wraps that are popular in crossfit (we also suggest a "skinny" vanilla latte, cucumber sandwich and pedicure while your at it).

The 2POOD wraps are sold in pairs (18" (45cm)) and a thumb loop and velcro closure. Â Mean black and yellow color scheme hides dirt and grime (if your not on the ground after a WOD then you're not going hard enough!). Made of tough elastic - these will "break-in" after use.

One size fits most.