Low Profile Weighted Vest-Adjustable

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Add variable resistance to your training regimen without compromising your form or technique. The Adjustable Weighted Vest distributes weight (up to 10kg) evenly for maximum comfort. 

Take your training to a new level! With their high versatility, using weight vests will enhance traditional exercises, such as walking, jogging, rope-jumping, bike riding, core strengthening, and weight training. The adjustable vest features removable weight inserts that allow the user to gradually work their way up to a heavier weight. This makes it perfect for users of all fitness levels.


With adjustable weight from 1KG - 10KG (22lbs), this weighted vest is the perfect solution for anyone looking to gradually work their way up to a heavier weight for their exercises. The weight inserts are secured within hook and loop packets and are easy to remove and add.


  • Ten(10) 2.2lb weight inserts
  • 16" (H) x 13" (W)
  • Increase the workload of your training session
  • Burn more calories and lose more weight
  • Increase metabolic rate
  • Increase muscle strength and endurance
  • Increase the demand on body weight exercises
  • Easy adjusting straps to accomodate different body types


90 days on manufacturers defects