Nylon Weight Belt

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Foam Core Lifting Belt from Northern Lights is a low-cost, lightweight alternative to the traditional leather weightlifting belt. Designed wider than most nylon lifting belts on the market, it offers complete, firm support of the lower back and abdomen throughout squats, hang cleans, deadlifts, and more.


The Foam Core Belt's hook-and-loop design and heavy-gauge steel tensioning buckle allow for a fully customizable, extra-secure fit. It also makes it easy to quickly tighten or loosen the belt when switching between heavy lifting movements and light / bodyweight movements. A flexible foam core, soft lining, and tough nylon exterior give the belt a unique combination of comfort and durability.



  • 4.75” Belt with 2” Support Strap
  • Back support width: 4.75”
  • 2” support strap for abdominal and lower back stability
  • Contoured to natural anatomy of the abs, rib cage, hips, and back
  • Flexible Foam Core, Soft Lining, and Tough Nylon Exterior
  • Lightweight Foam Core for Comfort
  • High Quality Nylon Material
  • Hook-and-Loop Design with Heavy-Gauge Steel Roller Buckle for Custom Fit
  • Velcro Closure
  • Color: Black


Available in 3 Sizes:


  • Small - 30"
  • Medium - 37"
  • Large - 46"