RunTop Neoprene Elbow Sleeves

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The RunTop 5mm neoprene elbow sleeves provide excellent compression and support for all types of workouts.  These can be used while performing exercises involving a front rack position or where elbow support is critical, like:  power cleans, snatches, wall balls, rope climbs, KB swings, and many more.  Made from neoprene and nylon, these are designed to provide optimal support and compression to increase blood flow and reduce pain and injury.  Multiple sizes and designs to fit every athlete.  Sold by the pair, 2 sleeves per package.  

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Material: 80% Neoprene 20% Nylon
Main Material: 5 mm CR Neoprene
Outer Fabric: REAL Nylon
Size: S M L XL
Color: Blue Red Black