RX Smart Gear Box Package - Standard

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A Must-Have for Every Gym Owner!

The highly-functional Rx Gym Package provides a complete set of custom-jump ropes fixed at strategic lengths to accommodate athletes of all sizes. The jump rope cables are color coordinated to indicate the rope’s length while the rope length is also listed on the handles for easy identification.

The package includes an innovative wall mounted storage rack, which allows the jump ropes to be stored handles up and cables down.  This method of storage prolongs the life span of the cables by eliminating the bending, tangling, and kinking that commonly occurs when hanging cable side up and allows for fast, easy removal and replacement of each rope.  Finally, each package includes a user -friendly sizing chart that quickly guides each member to the recommended jump rope length for his or her height. The Rx Gym package is a Must Have piece of equipment for every gym owner.

Full Rx Gym Package (20 Ropes) Includes:

  • Black Ops handle with rope size listed on the logo tape
  • 20 Rx Jump Ropes in the following sizes (Accommodates Athletes from 4'10"-6'8")
    • 2- 7'10" Pink Cable
    • 2- 8'0"   Teal Cable
    • 2- 8'2"   Yellow Cable
    • 2- 8'2"   Green Cable
    • 2- 8'6"   Red Cable
    • 2- 8'8"   White Cable
    • 2- 8'10" Orange Cable
    • 2- 9'0"   Blue Cable
    • 2- 9'2"   Gray Cable
    • 2- 9'4"   Black Cable
  • Sizing Chart with detailed description of size color and athlete height to go on the wall in US Standard(ft/in) and Metric
  • Rx Jump Rope Rack

Item is special ordered custom, please allow 2-3 week lead time.