Spider Chalk Liquid Chalk 2 oz Bottle

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Spider Chalk is liquid chalk formulated to keep your hands drier, longer. Developed by athletes, Spider Chalk uses laboratory-grade magnesium carbonate, the driest chalk on the planet.
Pure chalk increases friction. Our chalk feels dry and sticky without any rosin. That's the purity of our chalk!
1. Lasts Longer - Stays on your hand for the entire workout. Our formula includes 2 non-toxic bonding agents so the chalk doesn't rub off.
2. Pure - We use pure, lab-tested magnesium carbonate. Spider Chalk is the only chalk with that level of purity and you can feel the difference immediately.
3. No Mess - Doesn't rub off onto rocks, clothes, or gym equipment.
4. Antibacterial - Our chalk kills bacteria.
5. Not Banned - Can be used in any gym environment including hotels, large gyms, CrossFit boxes and climbing gyms where powder chalk is banned.

      • WASH HANDS so the chalk will stick.
      • Shake the bottle. Shake again. 
      • Squirt a small amount into hand. Rub hands together. 
      • Wave hands for 30 seconds.