YouThink Electronic 16 Mode Muscle Stimulator

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The YouThink Electronic Muscle Stimulator uses 16 programmed massage modes and an adjustable timer to deliver pulse massages to your sore muscles.  The YouThink massager has an adjustable timer, with settings from 10 minutes to one hour, and has an independent dual output design for maximum efficiency, and allows for up to 4 pads to be used at the same time.  It also incorporates a large animated backlit LCD display.  With more than 20 levels of adjustable intensity/strength, this tens unit delivers fast and effective stimulation, and the rechargeable lithium ion battery provides up to 10 hours of use on a single charge.   

How to use it: 

Step 1:Connect the wire to the re-usable electrodes pads 

Step 2:Tear off the plastic sheet from tens electrodes pads 

Step 3:Clean the skin and Place the pads onto your skin 

Step 4:Plug the ports into the device 

Step 5:Set aside the ON button 

Step 6:Select the massage mode and intensity 

Warm Tips: 

Avoid touching the pads when the unit is on. 

Please keep the skin clean and dry before using the tens. 

not suitable for pregnant women and hypertension patients 

Package Includes: 

-1 x Electric Massager 

-2x Large pad

-2x Small pad

-1x pads holder 

-2x Set of Electrode wires 

-1x USB cable & AC adapter 

-1x Operating Manual 

-1x Acupuncture placement point chart